Ranveer Singh Is Hanging With Kobe Bryant, And I Hate My Life

Ranveer Singh is just driving me nuts. At just 29, he has a hot girlfriend like Deepika Padukone and a super successful Bollywood career and a healthy bank account.

He recently celebrated Valentine’s day with Deepika in Toronto, as Deepika was shooting for her much-awaited film ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’.


While we were still recovering from serious jealousy pangs, he tweeted this:


And then, Ranveer Singh:

Got a special place to sit.


Watched Sting perform live.


Met Kobe Bryant.


Rapped with Ludacris.


Sang party songs with Ne-Yo.


Then ended the madness with the legendary Michael Jordan.


I know what you are thinking right now:


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