Randhir Kapoor Revealed What They Do At The Infamous Kapoor Parties

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3:55 pm 17 Feb, 2017

The Kapoors have recently celebrated Bebo and Lolo‘s father, Randhir Kapoor’s 70th birthday in great style! The family is famous for their outspoken nature, they never mince their words. Rishi Kapoor is an example, he has always spoken his mind and expressed himself on Twitter.


It’s Randhir Kapoor, who has spoken his mind during a media interaction recently. In an interview, Randhir Kapoor spoke about the infamous Kapoor parties. While telling the media what exactly they do during their parties, he said,

Booze, women, sex, dirty jokes… what else?… We don’t sulk and cry on each other’s shoulders. We don’t do any bitching or back-biting about other people in the fraternity. We’re not even concerned about what anyone else is doing in life. We’re so busy among ourselves – too busy to bother about others.


He further added,

We’re like the stock exchange – we know everything that’s happening in the family. Since our kids are in the same profession, we all know how they’re placed. As a joke, maybe, we discuss their girlfriends, boyfriends, marriage etc, but not with an intention of interfering.

The whole Kapoor clan has always been really open about their family and relationships. It seems like a trait that runs in the family.


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