Even Cops In Ranchi Don’t Give A Damn To Traffic Rules And Yet They Fined Dhoni

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4:55 pm 10 Apr, 2015

Do you think the Ranchi police did a wonderful job when it imposed a Rs.500 fine on Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni?

Yes, he broke a traffic rule regarding display of vehicle registration number but the police took ‘action’ only after photos of Dhoni riding on the bike was published in papers.

Breaking traffic rules is not a new thing in Ranchi, as this picture of a policeman shows.


And this picture cements the fact that they don’t give a damn to helmets.

Yes, they trust God in all matters.

And since they know they are driving in Ranchi, they don’t think it is important to  mention that in a number plate.

So, they don’t give a damn to traffic rules.

So why did they challan poor Dhoni, you ask. If they wanted it for publicity, it seems to have backfired.

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