Rajasthan Villagers Turned Barren Land Into A Lake That Now Refills Their Dried-up Wells

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6:29 pm 6 Jul, 2016

Once a water outlet that led to the Ramsar lake, 52 hectares of land near Bhilo ki Basti in Ramsar, Rajasthan turned into barren land over time as the water dried up. Over the years, this patch of land was used by the villagers as a dumping ground.

The district administration saw that the land was low lying and could collect rainwater during monsoon so they initiated the construction of a lake by the villagers.

Ramsar Village


The administration sanctioned Rs 8 lakh for the effort. The lake is five feet deep and can contain 4.08 TMC. This lake will help villagers deal with the water scarcity problem that plagues many villages of Rajasthan.

Luckily, during the first rains, the lake received a lot of water and it is now refilling wells that had dried up in the village.

Ramsar Lake


Earlier farmers had thought that the administration was giving them jobs under MGNREGA in the summer months when they have nothing to do, so they turned up to dig the lake. Having water in their wells and reserve water in the lake turned out to be a pleasant surprise.


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