Govt Ready To Add Chapters From Ramayana, Gita In School And College Curriculums

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6:56 pm 11 Sep, 2015

To make young Indians aware of India’s rich culture and heritage, Culture Minister of India Dr Mahesh Sharma has suggested that that lessons from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita should be taught in schools and colleges.


What is more, Dr Sharma also suggested that teaching these would help stop the trend of “cultural pollution” that is invading Indian society.

He said:

“The younger generation should know our cultural values and traditions. Mahabharata, Gita and Ramayana are the best sources for enriching young minds. They are a treasure house of human values. As culture minister, I strongly feel that these should be a part of the educational framework. What is wrong in this?”

He then went on to add :

“We will launch a movement to rid the country of cultural pollution. I am not against English or German, but why should we have textbooks only in English? Why can we not have textbooks in our mother language?”

The above comments were made when Dr Sharma was giving an interview to Press Trust of India (PTI).

According to PTI reports, he also stated that Ministry of Culture and HRD were currently working on a plan to implement this and were in deliberations about the topic with other BJP run states, their Education and Culture Ministers and other RSS affiliates.


Sharma then took an opportunity to attack BJP’s biggest opposition indirectly and told PTI:

“A particular family which has dominated politics of the country for over 60 years has been incorporated into the education system and the NDA government is determined to restore India’s cultural heritage. Dynasty has been there. Indirectly or directly, you may put the blame on thinking of that family. It’s a system which works. By and large, the thought process of that family has been incorporated (into the system).”

When asked was this not imposing RSS ideology on the people, Sharma said:

“What is RSS ideology, is it anti-national? Have any of the heads of RSS been anti-national? Are they extremists? What has been wrong about the RSS ideology? I have been with RSS for last 40 years. They never talk of anti-national things. If at all saffronisation has been done, it has been done by none other than 125 crore people of the country who gave us a huge mandate. They knew what is RSS, what is BJP. They have given us a mandate to run the country.”


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