WAIT! Did Rajinikanth 2.0 Just Call Rakhi Sawant The ‘Queen Of Bollywood’?

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1:14 pm 21 Nov, 2016

We all know Rakhi Sawant to be a drama queen, one who loves to be in the limelight in whatever way she can.

While there is almost no publicity stunt that Rakhi has not pulled to be in the limelight, the latest ‘encouragement’ that she has now accidently gotten will surely put her over the moon.



Rakhi was recently praised by south’s very own mega star Rajinikanth during the launch of the teaser of his upcoming movie 2.0.


Though it was not Rajni himself who praised Rakhi, that ‘small little detail’ might soon be overlooked by her.

You see Rajni’s robotic version from the movie Robot – ‘Chitti’ accidentally called Rakhi the ‘Queen of Bollywood’.



Bollywood director Karan Johar had asked the Robot Chitti who was the ‘Queen of Bollywood’ and the Robot, due to some technical glitch named Sawant along with legendary actress Madhuri Dixit and Katrina Kaif.

We gotta say, glitch or not, Sawant would never let go of this.

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