Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ Will Be The Biggest Hit In India Because Its Internet Craze Says So

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4:25 pm 21 Jul, 2016

If you are still alive, then, either you are a Rajinikanth’s fan or YOU ARE RAJINIKANTH HIMSELF. 

You’re probably reading this article in some far away galaxy if you are still unaware of Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ release date, i.e 22 July. Tomorrow is waiting for Rajinikanth’s release, not the other way around. MIND IT!!

The titanic excitement among the fans is reigning the internet and “Kabali Kabali” is echoing in everyone’s sleep. In simple words, even the box-office collections of ‘Sultan’ will be raped tomorrow (in your face, Salman!). 

Many companies across South India hit upon a crazy idea – declare ‘Kabali’ release day a holiday and if this is not OVER-THE-TOP for you, then, below we have a few samples of how mad Thalaiva fans are:


1. Papads in India got their due respect.


2. Again, in your face Salman:


3. Air Asia will fly moviegoers from Bengaluru to Chennai in time for the first day, first show.


4. Literally the ‘Kabali’ bus:


5. Even the walls are enjoying the madness:


6. No thulla can arrest this car owner. Like never. Ever.


7. Cognizant taking bulk (200 tickets) booking for employees. My office, please take notice:


8. Dude, I am your fan:


9. It’s time I apply for a credit card as well:


Hats off to thalaivapanti!!!

Try to book a ticket for tomorrow. Mind it, it is house full.


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