Rajnath Singh Has Declared That If You Praise Godse, You’ll Be Punished

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5:52 pm 4 Mar, 2016

Over the years, the discourse on Nathuram Godse has evolved from the topic of ‘Gandhi murderer’ to ‘poster boy of Sangh parivar’.


Nathuram Godse


Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister whose roots go very deep in the Sangh soil, has now taken a startling decision – anyone who hails Godse shall be punished.


apne aap ko police ke hawaale kar do



The second most powerful man in India has urged the state governments to take action against anyone found eulogizing Godse.

RSS has always been not only sympathetic to Godse but has also tried to defend his actions.




This is the first time that a prominent BJP leader sitting in power has made such a declaration against Godse, who was a member of the RSS – BJP’s ideological parent.

It comes as the Hindu Mahasabha reportedly announced the construction of a temple in Godse’s name.


Singh Rajnath

Mohan Bhagwat


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