Rajasthan’s First Hot Water Well Found In A Village But Its Owner Thinks It’s A Curse

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4:39 pm 5 May, 2016

In a rare occurrence, scientists discovered a natural hot water well in dry state of Rajasthan.

Scientists who discovered this well in Bichardi village of Beawar and Pali were shocked. They said that even the owner of the well is ignorant of its importance and thinks of it as a curse.


Udaipur Kiran

Farmer Nokhra Bera who thinks the well is a curse. Udaipur Kiran

The owner of this well, Nokhra Bera, is a poor farmer and feels that the well is a curse for him because he has to cool down its hot water everyday to be able to use it for irrigation.

The scientists say that this hot water well is located on a private land and has a water table of 30 meters.

The temperature of the water has been recorded at above 58 degrees Celsius and remains so even during extremely cold days.


Such wells are technically called ‘geothermal wells’ and are rare geographical occurrences across the planet.


This well’s precise location is off the Pali-Beawar state highway which is about one kilometre right from Rajpur-Jhuta village.

Besides this newly located hot-water well there are only 18 other known locations in India that have hot water Springs.

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