Raj Thackeray Sends His Pet Dogs To Farmhouse After One Of Them Attacked His Wife

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5:07 pm 20 Aug, 2015

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) supremo Raj Thackeray has decided to send all three of his pet dogs to the family farmhouse in Karjat after one of the dogs attacked his wife.

Sharmila Thackeray was attacked by Bond, a Great Dane.

Bond, had attacked Sharmila Thackeray on Tuesday and left her with a deep gash on the face, which resulted in 65 stitches and an emergency surgery at Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital.

The bite was so sharp that the dog’s teeth ripped her face and almost touched the facial bones.



Doctors say Sharmila might also require plastic surgery on her face.

Unhappy with the unfortunate incident, Raj has decided to send all three of his pet dogs – Bond, James, and Shawn – to his farmhouse so as to avoid any further trouble.

Reports say the Sharmila, the daughter of Marathi theatre and film actor-producer Mohan Wagh, wants to return to the Thackeray residence today.


It is still not clear as to what provoked the dog to attack Sharmila but Mumbai Mirror reports that Bond bit her when she accidentally stepped on his leg.

Animal attacks are not uncommon. There have been numerous instances of pets injuring, even killing, their masters. However, most attacks have been carried out by animals such as lions and bears kept as pets.

It is not unusual for a dog to attack. Pitbulls are known as the world’s most dangerous breed. Pitbull attacks are common across US; some of them leading to human fatalities.

The attack by Thackeray’s Great Dane on his wife might bring the focus on keeping huge, and possibly dangerous, animals as pets. Among celebrities in Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are known to have dogs that can be classified as dangerous. While Big B has a Great Dane, Salman has two Bullmastiffs.

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