10 Times When We Raised Our Girls Right, But Forgot About Our Boys

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8:00 pm 2 Sep, 2015

The liberal India has learned to raise their girls right. Talking of equality, they go to same schools as their brothers. They work, earn, split chores, wear trendy clothes and attend social gatherings with panache. They are the independent women of today.

But still there is chaos. Why?
What did we just miss? Aren’t we standing up and taking feminism to the next level? We are doing everything to get our girls be there head to head with the boys. Then, why do we still feel the undercurrent of women’s suppression, oppression and exploitation?

What did we NOT do?

Maybe, in our quest to raise our girls so diligently, we forgot to raise our boys the right way.

Here are 10 times when we should NOT have forgotten the boys!

1) When we asked her to ditch the kitchen and do her homework, we forgot to ask him to help in the kitchen instead.

2) When we let her be a part of the football team, but we forgot to tell him that it’s not inferior to cheer for the girls.

3) When we told her it’s okay to talk to boys, we forgot to tell him it’s not okay to take talking as flirting.

4) When we asked her not to cry over a heartbreak, but we forgot to tell him it’s not okay to take revenge for a heartbreak.

5) When we allowed her to wear that dress with heels, we forgot to tell him that he cannot judge girls wearing short  dresses

6) When we permitted her to go to her first night out, we forgot to tell him that girls spotted at wee hours of the night are not open invitations.

7) When we threw a party for her first ranking, we forgot to tell him that he needs to do this for his wife too.


8) When we happily got her married to the love of her life, but we forgot to tell him that love is beyond a marriage label.

9) When we were proud to see her balance work and home, but we forgot to tell him that he can also do the dishes while his wife is away for a meeting.

10) When we were elated over her independence, we forgot to tell him about respecting her independence too.


When we felt a part of liberated society, we forgot to teach him that he needs to keep this society liberated. He’s the MAN who needs to free this world of judgement and hypocrisy. He is the only one who can fill in the compassion. How long can we woman do it? It’s time they take matters in their own hands.

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