Rain Delays High Speed Train ‘Talgo’, Reaches Mumbai In 15 Hours Instead Of 12

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5:17 pm 2 Aug, 2016

India’s upcoming fastest Train ‘Talgo’ faced an embarrassing situation, when the train was delayed by over three hours in its first trial run to Mumbai.

The train which has been in projected to cover the distance the between Delhi and Mumbai in 12 hours, took over 15 hours when it was running at the speed of 130km per hour.


Talgo had left Delhi at 7:55pm on August 1 and was scheduled to reach Mumbai latest by 10am on August 2, but thanks to the monsoon, the train took over 15 hours and reached Mumbai at 11:15am.

Once launched, the train is expected to cover this distance at an even faster pace and cover the distance in just 12 hours.


This is Talgo’s third and final phase of the trial. It is now scheduled to make a return journey on August 3 when it will leave for Delhi at 3pm.

Talgo will again run at the speed of 130kmph and is expected to reach Delhi on August 4 by maximum 5pm.

The train will make two more runs – on August 5 and then on August 14 when it will be allowed to run at a speed of 140kmph and 150kmph respectively.

At present Rajdhani is India’s fastest train, which covers this distance in 17 hours.

Let’s hope next few trails works out in favor of Talgo.

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