Rahul Gandhi Says He’ll Continue Blaming RSS For Gandhi’s Assassination And Face Trial

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4:47 pm 1 Sep, 2016

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has said that he won’t go back on his words that RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi.

On September 1, he withdrew his plea from Supreme Court for quashing of defamation case against him, and said that he will face the trial in lower court.



“Rahul stands by his statement made in election rally in Maharashtra’s Bhiwandi against RSS for the killing of Mahatma Gandhi,” Rahul’s counsel Kapil Sibal told Supreme Court.

Sibal said his client will not withdraw his words, and is ready to face trial.

RSS volunteers indianexpress

RSS volunteers indianexpress

“I stand by what I said and will repeat. I am ready to face trial,” Rahul told the apex court.

“We are not inclined to interfere now. Let the trial Magistrate proceed according to law,” the Supreme Court said and bowed out of the litigation.

However, the top court refused to grant Rahul Gandhi exemption from personal appearance before a lower court.

This statement came after counsel for complainant, RSS activist Rajesh Kunte, submitted in court that Rahul must show his bonafide and undertake in unequivocal terms that he did not consider RSS as an institution involved in the crime.



Kunte has sued Rahul for defamation over his remarks at an election rally in March last year where he said the right-wing organisation was behind the killing of Gandhi, who was gunned down by Nathuram Godse in 1948.

Last week, Rahul said that he stood by his words and would continue to fight against the divisive agenda of RSS. He said this after RSS ideologue MG Vaidya said that rather than twisting it, Rahul should come clean and show his generosity by offering an apology for his statement and accept before the court that what he had said was wrong.

On August 25, Rahul had told the Supreme Court that he had never blamed RSS as an institution for killing Mahatma Gandhi but that persons associated with it were behind the assassination.

Supreme Court of India soundnlight

Supreme Court of India soundnlight

“The assassination of Mahatma was a result of destructive philosophy of the persons associated with the RSS. It was also clearly suggested that the assassins were associated or affiliated with the RSS. He never accused RSS as an institution of the crime,” Gandhi had quoted from the 2014 affidavit.

Kunte had alleged in his complaint that Gandhi’s comments in his speech amounted to “imputations against the RSS and its people with malafide motive to harm the reputation of RSS, its followers, people, swayamsevaks.”

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