Is This Photo-Op Rahul Gandhi’s Best ‘Counter’ To Modi’s Landmark Decision?

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7:39 pm 11 Nov, 2016

Rahul Gandhi too went to stand in a line to exchange Rs.4000 at the SBI branch on Parliament Street.

Notwithstanding the fact that his presence with a bevy of bodyguards added to the inconvenience of those already jostling for space at the bank, Rahul Gandhi’s 60-minute presence was not without the selfies.


The Congress vice-president was immediately ushered inside the bank and, according to reports, did not have to stand outside in the serpentine queue.

Gandhi told reporters that he wanted to stand with “my people” but they moved the people inside upon his arrival.

BJP leaders said that his presence added to the confusion. Being a VVIP, 45-year-old Gandhi is accorded the highest level of security.

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