Raghuram Rajan Has This Simple Message To Government Officials Of The Country

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6:07 pm 26 Apr, 2016

Finding a unique way to find the scale of changes which are required in India, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Raghuram Rajan has said that every senior official in the government should live a day like a common man.

Asking the officials to spend a day without any assistants, Rajan told them to get one routine task done and said that the task would get them to be able to better sense of the scale of change that is required in India.




Further explaining his intention, Rajan said that most officials realise how complex the system is only after they retire.


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Explaining the “routine task”, Rajan requested senior officials to take up a task that businessmen have to do, without revealing their position or getting their assistants to help.

He also said that the task could be anything like asking somebody to change the nominee on a Fixed Deposit, and checking if all the documents that the banks require are easily accessible.

This he felt will give them a much ‘better sense of what the ‘aam aadmi’ faces, and will generate much greater sympathy for changing the system India currently has.


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