Raees Brings Back Grey Side Of Shah Rukh Khan After Years

8:23 pm 7 Jan, 2017

Who would believe that Shah Rukh Khan, who is tagged as the most romantic hero born in Bollywood, was the only one to introduce the concept of grey roles in the early 90s!

The actor, who is loved for his utmost romantic films, is someone who had won audience’s heart long back with what we termed it as the grey characters.

Raees, the film that has showed a little of itself to the audience with its teaser and trailer, promises that SRK is all set to go grey again.


Grey character

Therefore, the film holds to be interesting for several reasons. The actor’s look itself screams out the hard hitting role that he is essaying. This kind of visual shift of SRK has truly captivated viewer’s attention. It makes the film the most awaited one to watch out for this year!

The last we had seen SRK don similar character were in films like Baazigar, Darr and Anjaam. The actor was the first one to make grey characters look so cool.

In fact, after delivering a powerful performance in Baazigar as Ajay Sharma, SRK not only was lauded but also went on to grab the first of many awards to follow as best actor!


Grey character

After which another such iconic character came along in Darr as Rahul Mehra, the actor’s stammer ‘K.K.K…Kiran’, definitely has a shiver tinges up your spine till date.


Grey character

Following the film Anjaam, despite featuring in one of the most romantic songs of his career titled “Badi Mushkil Hai”, SRK’s character Vijay Agnihotri remains as grey.


Grey character

The above character names ring in a distinct recall in audiences as they are sketched in mind till date. Likewise, we are rest assured Raees is set to be another such character which SRK will be remembered for a long time.

Shah Rukh Khan in and as Raees is going to indulge into hardcore action!

Contrary to his previous popular lover boy characters, Raees is going to come along as a pure action guy. The trailer of the film itself starts with SRK emerging out from the smokes with the perfect swag. The unit which is two minute and 46 seconds long features some glaring action sequences and has generated a universal buzz with merely its content.


Grey character

The actor has over five such lengthy chase action sequences in the film. From fighting the goons in those narrow lanes to jumping from building terraces to some unconventional action techniques, the actor has explored it all.

We would witness the actor in this avatar after a long long time which has triggered excitement amidst all fans and audiences. SRK’s raw and rugged look itself hints at several elements which haven’t been put forward in a while.

Every sequence has a different meaning which has been complimented by strong background music and makes one feel that the actions have come alive.

In fact, SRK and director Rahul Dholakia have ensured that each action sequence has a flavour of its own.


Grey character

The makers as of now have released the teaser, trailer, first track Laila Main Laila and the most recently romantic track. The trailer unit however gave us the sneak peek into the world of Raees and it surely has urged the viewers to keenly wait for the release of the film.

Every content of Raees, from the trailer to the music, to the dialogues and the style, has been fast catching the audience’s attention emerging to set trends.


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