Comedian Radhika Vaz Hits At Women Who Aren’t Feminists And Gets Trolled Miserably

There are more definitions of ‘feminism’ than the number of women in this world. After Tanmay Bhatt and Lisa Haydon, it’s Radhika Vaz, a stand-up comedian, who sarcastically tried to explain its honest meaning.


Without understanding the essence of her statement, people compared her to ISIS.


To which she gave a badass reply!


Some people took her Tweet too personally.


‘Bitch’ doesn’t always mean a characterless woman.


Finally, Anurag Kashyap decided to speak up:


Folks, all she wanted to say is that despite the negative flak feminism seems to be getting online nowadays, if it wasn’t for feminists, a lot of the things women take for granted today would have been out of their reach.



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