Rabri Devi’s Disgusting Comment For PM Modi Just Can’t Be Ignored

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3:41 pm 30 Nov, 2016

PM Modi’s demonetization has received a mixed response from the public but strong protest from the opposition parties.


Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee as well as Lalu Prasad Yadav showed their disagreement to the sudden note ban in India.

In spite of Lalu’s protest against demonetization, Bihar’s CM, Nitish Kumar, backed Modi’s note ban and called it a brilliant move against corruption and black money.



This move of Nitish Kumar made his party members angry. It also made BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi claim that Nitish Kumar will soon join hands with the BJP.

Such claims made Bihar’s former CM, and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s wife, Rabri Devi angry.


During a media interaction, she vented her anger by making several controversial statements like,

Media wale bole Sushil Kumar Modi kahe hain Nitish Kumar RJD chhor BJP aa jaye, hum bole Modi ji Nitish ko godi mein utha lejaaye. (Mediapersons were quoting Sushil Modi as saying that Nitish will soon join the BJP, I said let Modi take Nitish away in his lap).


In her tongue-in-cheek style, Rabri Devi further added…

Modiji le jaye Nitish ko uttha ke, le jaiye uttha ke, behen se apni shadi karayenge (le ja kar).




Rabri Devi soon called her statement a joke and said,

Par isme kya aapatti ki baat hai? Thoda hassi mazaak kar liya to kya? Sabhi karte hain na? (But what is the problem in this? I joked a little about it, so what? everybody does it right?).


While expressing her views about demonetization and its after effects she added,

PM kala dhan chupa ke rakhe hain.Lalu ji ke paas nahi hai kala dhan, 25 saal se case chal raha hai, 1 chavanni koi nikal ke dikhaye. (The Prime Minister has hidden black money. Lalu Yadav doesn’t have any black money, the case has been running for 25 years, but dare anybody found a penny on him.)


Take a look at Rabri Devi’s statement here…


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