You Might’ve Seen This Famous Actor In The ‘Raabta’ Trailer But You Won’t Believe Who He Is

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11:59 am 21 Apr, 2017

Remember how Amitabh Bachchan played the role of a 12 year-old boy, Auro, in the movie ‘Paa’? And how can we forget Rishi Kapoor’s makeup in the movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’?


Prosthetics has come a long way in Bollywood. Earlier, we used to get amazed by the kind of characters Hollywood actors used to play with the help of prosthetics but the makers of ‘Raabta’ have proved that Bollywood has evolved too!

It’s almost impossible to guess the actor who is playing the role of a 324 year-old man in the upcoming movie ‘Raabta’. The Internet has gone nuts since the pictures of this character have gone viral.


Can you guess who is he?

Hints: He is extremely talented and was an underrated actor a few years ago. With his hard work and versatility, he has now proved himself in Bollywood. Also, he has a history of playing different types of characters. He once played the role of a transgender and even Anurag Kashyap wanted to take him for a date.


Yes, you guessed it right! The actor who is playing the role of a 324 year-old man is none other than Rajkummar Rao.


Everyone noticed the bald and tattooed man in the trailer of ‘Raabta’. But no one knew it was Rajkummar Rao because the production team wanted to keep it as a secret. He has a guest appearance in the movie but why is he playing the role of a 324 year-old man is still a secret.

Rajkummar Rao had to undergo almost 16 look tests before director Vijan and producer Homi Adajania approved this one. According to the source, Rajkummar says it was totally worth it.

I did this friendly appearance for Dinoo (Vijan) and Homi. It was too much fun. Dinoo gave me a lot of freedom as an actor. The prosthetic make-up would take hours to put on and take off. I sweat profusely under a thick layer of make-up. It needed quite a bit of patience, said Rajkummar.

A special professional team from LA, which has worked with Zuby Johal of ‘The Dirty Hands’ and done prosthetics for several Bollywood films, was brought on board. Besides his look, his body posture and voice modulation were also worked on.

As soon as Rajkummar revealed his new avatar for the upcoming movie ‘Raabta’, The Internet lost it and flooded Twitter with shocking tweets:






Rajkummar Rao’s look has raised our expectation from the movie a lot. Looks like the makers and the actors have put all of their blood and sweat to make this movie a hit.

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