Some Quick Bi-Products Of Yoga To Keep Those Part-Time Yogis Inspired

3:46 pm 17 Jul, 2017

1. Gorgeous body

Well of course there is the undeniable fact that yoga makes us look gorgeous. The greed for young, healthy skin, tight and toned body, fabulous abs, all in all a smoking hot figure makes it that much easier to practice consistently.




2. Naturally detoxify the body

The yogic methods of naturally detoxifying the body are simply amazing. Cleansing techniques or shatkarmas like neti and kunjal leave you feeling like a little bird floating and flying through life. And then there is that favourite for many- a yogic stomach and intestinal cleaning process that is super easy and gives you the stomach lining of a new born baby.




3. Healthy metabolism

While yoga recommends you to fill your stomach ½ with water, ¼ with food and leave the remaining ¼ empty, you can very occasionally fill all your stomach with your favourite food and get away with it without affecting your health or accumulating fat. All thanks to the super healthy metabolism you have because of the consistent practice of yoga.




4. Aversion to addiction

In this day and society we live in who wouldn’t want to keep away from addictions. Yoga is a natural rehab. It not only helps one to let go of an addiction but also directs our subconscious towards the right kind of addiction.




5. Organs of steel

Yoga practice have many subtle and some very apparent effects on all organs of the body. Practitioners not only keep incurable diseases at bay but also strengthens all vital organs enough to last them a solid 100 years long lifetime.




So while the purpose of yoga may be to attain rapid spiritual evolvement, the bi-products of yoga make its usefulness as a way of life tad more apparent.

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