This Pune Autorickshaw Driver Traveled 32 KM Just To Return Techie’s Laptop

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6:06 pm 5 Jan, 2016

The chances of getting back your mobile phone, purse or any other item left behind in a taxi or an auto are bleak. It is majorly because items like laptops, smartphones and iPods fetch good money in the black market, and also who would like to take the trouble of returning the lost property.


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Software engineer M Narendra Chaudhari should thank his lucky stars that he traveled in Pune-based Dilip Raising’s autorickshaw.

Chaudhari had boarded Dilip’s auto-rickshaw from Magarpatta area to go to Baner on December 3rd morning. In a hurry to finish his work, Chaudhari inadvertently left behind a laptop worth Rs 70,000 in the autorickshaw.

Google Map

Google Map


It was only after getting off from the rickshaw that he realised he had left his laptop. At that time, Raising picked up another passenger and left for Pune railway station and while checking, he found a bag containing a laptop inside it.


Representational Image.

Representational Image.


Raising immediately realised that the bag belongs to the previous passenger. So, he drove back to Baner and looked for the passenger. Unable to trace him, he then traveled in the opposite direction from where the passenger had boarded his autorickshaw.


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There too he could not find the techie, so he finally decided to hand over the laptop to the nearest police station. After telling police the entire story, Raising saw Chaudhari coming in, who identified his bag and laptop.


Times of India

Times of India


Assistant inspector of the Hadapsar police station Salim Nadaf, felicitated Raising for his act of honesty.

An autorickshaw driver has a tough life: they face corrupt police personnel, poor working conditions, city pollution and often do not have a strong social security net. There are several autorickshaw drivers who are honest but their acts are rarely noticed.

In an environment pervaded by dishonesty, Raising’s approach comes as a whiff of fresh air. It also proves that honesty does pay.

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