Puducherry Police Is On The Way To Become Most Efficient, Gets Segways For Patrolling

4:51 pm 16 May, 2017

Are we paving a path to strengthen our police force? Seems like we are. The police department of Puducherry decided to get a technological upgrade. Following many other efficient countries in the world, Segways have been introduced in the department for patrolling which is also a first time in India.

Segways come in handy when patrolling has to be done in public and crowded areas. As the beach of Puducherry is one of the main tourist attractions, this new technology is going to prove beneficial. With four operational Segways, the policemen will not have to do the troublesome task of walking around the beach.

A Segway. Tech Bakbak


DGP Sunil Kumar Gautam flagged off the four scooters at an event. Two of them have been bought while the other two were donated to the police. This technological marvel is believed to make the police more efficient for the safety of general public and tourist.

The electronic scooters are not easy to operate or balance, however, it wouldn’t be an issue for our vigilantes in time. China is one of the neighboring countries using this technology. India is the proud addition to the list.

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