9 Graffiti Made By Students Of Delhi College Of Art As A Mark Of Protest

The students of Delhi College Of Art have gone on strike and are protesting in a way they are good at. They are demanding an upgraded syllabus, library, stationery shop, basic facilities like cleaner toilets, and transparency in the way funds are used. How are they protesting? They are bursting the walls of their college with graffiti ranging from pop culture characters to wide banners with the word “revolution” painted in bold letters.

1. Girl looking at the art work depicting the protesters versus a demon.




2. Growing tree used as a metaphor for the evolving thought process of mankind.




3. Flying birds used as a symbol of freedom.




4. Another graffiti done by college students to show their protest.




5. Girls showing their anger towards college authorities through their art works.




6. Graffiti on the wall showing a devil threatening a student.



7.  Hammer used to depict college authorities breaking art into pieces.




8. Students showing anger using the phrase ‘Akhir Kab Tak‘.




9. Expressing liberty.



Source: Scroll.in

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