Pros and Cons of Shopping From Online Pharmacy

10:46 am 5 Jan, 2018

It is surely undeniable that online pharmacies have become the largest market in the health care industry because of the various benefits which it offers to the buyers online. The trends has amazingly increased due to excess benefits it provides to the customers sitting in their home place and products delivered rightly t their doorstep. However, there are pros and cons of making use of online pharmacies as well. Nothing in this synthetic world comes without its certain limitations and drawbacks. Here we have tried to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of internet pharmacies. Let’s first shed light on the advantages which online pharmacies have brought to the consumers before we could move to the disadvantages.



Advantages of Using Online Pharmacy

1. Privacy

The best part is that consumers can secure their privacy and can avail free delivery at their door step without even giving a hint to anyone about their purchase of medicine.

2. Simple

The industry of drug store is simple and it has the capability to meet the needs of larger people easily without going into complex system of delivery and thus, it is best suited for people who are living far away from pharmacies. Providing people with ease of access this approach is really simple and all it requires are just few clicks in bringing the customer’s desired products delivered to their place.

3. Save Money

Online drug shopping also saves money of buyers because surveys have revealed that online drugs have one third prices compared to the drugs available at the drug stores physically. When physical stores have a pay a lot rent for having public accessible shops it directly influences the rates of medicines they sale. With online business the costing is much reduced hence it lessens the overall cost of medicines as well.

4. Convenience

The convenience is that consumer can largely compare prices between different online drug stores instead of purchasing from one single drug store which is not possible in case of physically located drug stores. Just with few clicks customer can make a right cross comparison for the medicines prices and it can be easily tracked if the offered prices lies within settled market range or not.

5. Easy Access

No doubt, it is guaranteed that the accessibility to written product information at these online pharmacy sites is way easier as compared to the traditional stores pharmacies like meds4sure, pharmacy2u and much more. Getting the right URL is all it takes to bring customers to the online business website of a specified pharmacy.

6. Drug Approval

Most of the legal stores also have the entire process of drug approval as they need to have the prescription from the personal physician who has prescribed the drug. This review process takes a lot of time of buyers even if they are in the urgent need of that drug. Online pharmacies save the buyers from this extra hassle. A customer have even the verification of pharmacy via approved registered pharmacies and get the complete authorization of a business just in no time.


Disadvantages of Using Online Pharmacy


1. No Medical Supervision

It is true that the Internet pharmacies have the higher issues of safety net as these stores have not undergone any of the medical supervision process or the respective physical evaluation in place. In case of having any such processes in places, they are still not being performed by the licensed professionals of health care. So a special care is need to be given towards the authentication process of pharmacy you are willing to buy products from in order to have a sound shopping experience with them.

2. Illegal Online Drugs

There are many of the illegal drug stores which are present online and they deal with the highly dangerous, counterfeit and contaminated as well as outdated drugs which can then lead to the higher chances of having dangerous drug interactions. The key concern for the customers is to effectively track either they are purchasing from a right vendor or are being betrayed by a fake one. The ease of the whole scenario is there are online sources present even to check and test the pharmacy either its registered or not.  


It is important to note that the Internet surveillance practices should be in use so that the enforcement policies are rightly implemented on these online pharmacies on the purchase and sales of drugs based on the prescription only and having complete control of the drugs and their frauds which might otherwise take place. Getting a wrong medicine is even worse than having an ailment. So the crucial consideration of customers should always be to testify the source they are willing to buy medicines from.


How to find a right VIPPS Accredited Pharmacy?

The online pharmacies that are accredited with VIPPS regulations have their seal present over their products. The law abiding pharmacies need not only to prove their authentication but they also have to govern the law of customer right for privacy of information, the security measures of prescribed drugs and a sure mean towards quality assurance of products they are selling.

The VIPPS accredited pharmacy list can be easily found online and the desired pharmacy can be easily testified. The involved pharmacies have relevant testified seal over them to facilitate the users for their authentication. So this care should be definitely taken in order to keep aware from frauds that are being online.

One another social responsibility that applies to every customer is that if they found any pharmacy that is non-accredited they should immediately report it NABP. Doing so can really help a lot of people beware from fraud companies and it would help to sustain the online experience of customers towards a good one. It is social responsibility of all of us to abide the laws and regulations and help other to follow so. Doing so will collectively give a boost to a progressive society and socially responsible people.

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