14 Battles Of Heart And Mind Before A Guy Proposes To A Girl

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6:00 pm 18 Aug, 2015

N0, I am no love guru with the spiritual knowledge of love and definitely not an author of any romantic best-seller, like over-rated Chetan Bhagat. I am just like you, trying to drain out my emotions with a handful of experience in love.

Where there is love, there is a constant battle between the heart and the mind. The heart is an emotional fool but the mind gives a sh*t about emotions. There is no way these two organs can work at the same wavelength.

Here are the dialogues showing the emotional imbalance between the heart and the mind before the proposal…



Mind: Am I in love or is it just an infatuation? What’s the difference between them?

Heart: Yes, finally you are in love. Infatuation is just a state of mind.     Ignore it.


Mind: Why are you proposing to her now ? You guys met just 2 months back.

Heart: Accepted, it is a bit early but our feelings are real. The more you delay, the more I will suffer.


Mind: You have known each other for seven years and you should have realized it a lot sooner.

Heart: You always loved her. If not now, then when?


Mind: Dude, you are so dumb. If she says ‘No’, you will lose a friend forever.

Heart: So what if she says ‘No’, atleast your true feelings will reach her heart.


Mind: If she says ‘Yes’, you will never be able to focus on your career and your life will revolve around her.

Heart: You will change forever as every step would be with someone you truly admire.


Mind: You should buy that expensive tuxedo to look hot.

Heart: No need to buy it, just make her feel special when you are together.


Mind: Hint to her best friend before you propose to her.

Heart: You are just spoiling the surprise!


Mind –  You should memorize Aamir’s Khan’s  ‘Dil Chahata Hai’ dialogue to impress her.

Heart: Be spontaneous. Just say what you feel for her or write it down before.


Mind: Organize a house party this Sunday and propose to her right in front of everyone.

Heart:  Take her to a  quiet, dark place and share your magical words.


Mind: Remember to kiss her that after she says ‘Yes’.

Heart: That’s too early. A perfect hug is the best way to start the romance.


Mind: Do research on her dating history.

Heart: Her dating history will make you more nervous. By the way, how does it matter?


Mind: Should I  send a flirty text right before the D-Day? I don’t know.

Heart: Definitely yes!


Mind: Valentine’s day is the best time to propose to her.

Heart: It is 6 months away. She is waiting for you now.

14. Mind: Take all the 13 thoughts above into consideration before spilling out the magical words.

Heart: Just say it now!


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