11 Promises You Should Make To Yourself Before Making Promises To Anyone Else

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1:30 pm 19 Feb, 2016

Sometimes you just need to make certain promises to yourself for a better life. Give these vows to yourself before making any promise to anyone else. If you can remain true to yourself, nothing in this world can stop you from becoming a better person!


1. Every coin has two sides. It may be that you’re viewing the darker side. See the other side and be happy.



2. If you will think the best, life will serve you the best!



3. Criticizing others has never done any good to anyone; you’d better concentrate on yourself.



4. If you will think positively for others, they will also learn to think well for you.



5. Anger takes away the power of thinking!



6. Jealousy can never make you successful. But, you can always learn from others’ successes.



7. Negativity will make you stick to one point forever. It will restrict happiness and progress.



8. Stay strong, stand up for yourself and believe in justice!



9. Someone said,”If you want to succeed, double the rate of your failure”.



10. If you ignore bad behavior at least you will achieve your peace of mind.



11. Parents are the only people whom you can trust for life. What they have done for you, you can never return that favor.


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