15 Professions That Your Parents Will Not Want You To Take

10:00 am 16 Mar, 2015

There are new and unconventional careers coming up nowadays and the youth is inclining towards it rather than being an engineer or an MBA. But are the Indian parents ‘Okay’ with these professions?

1. Bartender

The moment your parents get to know about your involvement with this profession, they probably want to send you to rehab for alcohol addiction!

2. Disco Jockey

There is a very high possibility that you will be called ‘Band Baajewalla’ by some of your relatives. You might also end up playing/DJing at your cousin’s wedding.

3. Stand-up Comedian

“Joker ban jayega tu toh” that is the only meaning of stand-up comedy known to Indian parents.

Stand-up Comedian

4. Wine Taster/Wine Sommelier

Yes it’s a job where you get paid to probably get drunk, and you are NOT a waiter.

5. Tattoo Artist

This is probably one of the most looked down upon job. If you keep continuing it, you would be disowned by your parents soon.

Tattoo Artist

6. Wedding Planners

The moment you tell your parents about this profession, their only reply will be “Beta, stop watching too many movies”.

wedding planner

7. Politics

According to conventional Indian parents, this is not the job for educated and learned people.


8. Spiritual Leaders

“Beta Baba Ramdev banoge?” Almost all parents follow the spiritual leaders but they are not willing to let their son/daughter to follow that path because they always have that one doubt in their mind “Log kya kahenge?”

8. Spiritual Leaders

9. Blogger

More likely than not, your parents will end up explaining your job profile as, “Facebook ke liye kaam karti hai”.

10 .Psychiatrist

So you are going to deal with “mad” people every single day? And it might affect you as well in the due course of time.


11. Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Manager

This might be a very cool profession but your parents might just bring it down to “Sales mei hai.”

Social Media Manager/ Digital Marketing Manager

12. Masseuse

Is that even legal according to our culture? Isn’t that all adult stuff?

12.	Masseuse

13. App/Game Tester

Sitting in front of your xbox for most of the time and earning from it? Will be really difficult for your parents to understand this.

14. Actor/Model/Singer

According to your parents, you will be leaving for Bombay soon and will never come back. Or you might end up becoming some “hippie” and will be under the influence of drugs.

Actor/ Model/ Singer15. Pet Groomer/Walker

You will have a mini World war in your own house if you have decided to take this up as your profession.

Pet Groomer/ Walker

Enough said. “Baccha haath se nikal chukka hai!”

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