20 Major Problems Every Fat Girl Faces In India

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7:00 pm 1 Jul, 2015

India is country rich in diversity and we are proud of it. Like really? What about the bodily diversity? Are we really proud of the curvy people in our society? A plump lady has to go through nightmares in country like India where she is hurled with infinite scoffs and always preferred second just because of her dimensions. If we think that we are blessed with liberated minds then why does a fat (I’ll prefer curvy) girl hear such things…

1. “Try some green tea and cut down on your rice’’ are some of the generic things these girls hear…from almost EVERYONE!!


2. They are heavily judged on basis of their looks and sizes rather than their intellect.


3. Whatever their name is….in the end it becomes ‘Ae Moti’!


4. People perceive them to be eating a lot! While they have only 1/4th of what people suppose.


5. Other people underestimate you, because of your size, and most of the times others are chosen over you because they think fat are not presentable.


6. Marrying them off seems a herculean task to their family!


7. They are considered to be weak and lazy (while most of the times they are not!)


8. They are not so easily invited to the social functions unless they are in close relation!


9. They get teased even by strangers due to their healthiness….which is worse than eve teasing.


10. They are considered to be a burden on the family even if they are efficient!


11. “Tujhse shaadi kaun karega?” is a common taunt hurled at them!


12. They get less respect as compared to the younger sibling who is probably thin.


13. They are the major targets of bullying and harassment in workplaces.


14. They are not carried along to treks and adventures even if they would give an arm for it!


15. Most of their friends call them ‘Choti Sonakshi Sinha’.



16. Finding perfect clothes online seems like finding a treasure; it never comes true.



17. It is really difficult for fat girls to find true love. I mean a guy who would accept her with her dimensions.


18. Fat girls feel depressed as they start feeling lonely and unwanted!


19. Many of their dreams and wishes stay incomplete and unfulfilled just because of physique.


20. Everyone and anyone suggest them to buy a gym membership, no matter how expensive it is.


Those who fat shame girls, grow up and show some respect. 


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