Priyanka Chopra And ‘The Rock’ Had A ‘Sexy’ Twitter Chat Which You Will Find Completely Adorable

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6:58 pm 17 Nov, 2016

‘People’ magazine has named Dwayne Johnson as the sexiest man alive. But what exactly makes him sexy? His chiseled body? No, bro. It’s who he is. He is humble, an achiever, a fighter and most important of all, a nice human being.

‘The Rock’ and Piggy Chops have bonded amazingly well on the sets of ‘Baywatch’ and this is very evident from their Twitter conversations. It looks like they are a huge fan of each other’s work.

So, it all started when Priyanka congratulated Dwayne:

Congrats @TheRock . Sexy is as sexy does.. One of the nicest people I know.. Much love

— PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) November 15, 2016

He couldn’t have replied better:

And their ‘sexy’ thing, somewhere, remained a secret:

Why talk in whispers, PC?

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