12 Reasons Why I will Surely Press The NOTA Button In This Delhi Election

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6:00 pm 4 Feb, 2015

It’s pandemonium here in the Capital. The battle for Delhi is getting nastier and uglier by the hour. Politicians are busy demeaning each other rather than gaining credibility. They still are, as they always have been, ever ignorant of a common Delhiite’s woes. And voters are wondering whether elections were even a good idea at all. So why shouldn’t we just reject them all?

Here’s why a NOTA majority might just be the slap on the face these indifferent, power-hungry opportunists need –

1. First of all, they started their campaigns by recounting each others’ faults.

Good job people! Now we know better than to trust any of you.

 2. Whether it’s AAP, BJP or Congress, each one is filled with tainted candidates.

So, 27% of all candidates have declared criminal cases and they still think we should give them a chance? Analysed by Delhi Election Watch and ADR:

3. It’s time we stop electing the lesser of many evils.

We are not choiceless anymore. We reject you all.

4. These liars may qualify to contest elections officially, but we know their ground reality.

Public knows who you are, no matter what you say on paper.

5. And now we have the power to force parties to nominate worthy candidates.

And a NOTA majority will do exactly that.

6. It’s much more effective than sitting at home and not voting.

These people need to see that we took the trouble of going to the booth to vote for None Of Them.

7. Less than 10 percent of total candidates are female. What equality is this?

And that’s how they plan to invoke gender equality?

8. Ex-BJP politicians are getting tickets from AAP. Ex-AAP politicians are getting tickets from BJP. Is there any ideology left at all?

No honour among thieves and politicians, is it?

9. And they’re so occupied bashing each other, they’re not even raising issues that actually matter.

It seems they’ve forgotten to have agendas.

10. They’ve turned their entire election campaigns into a clash of egos.

It’s time they understood that Delhi stands for development.

11. People would not even register after seeing such repugnant politics.

Let yourself seem apathetic no more!

12. We finally have a way to simply refuse all self serving pretenders.

Let’s just discourage them from even standing in the first place.

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