Eight Month Pregnant Woman Runs 16 km To Secure A Job

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1:03 pm 6 Mar, 2016

An eight month pregnant woman, Vijay Vishnoy from Bikaner, Rajasthan ran 16 km just to secure a job.

The 16 km run, was part of the fitness test for the job of guard in the Forest Department.



The officials said that they tried to stop Vishnoy, but she didn’t listen and instead presented the required signed documents.


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The officials also revealed that they didn’t know about Vishnoy being eight months pregnant till she showed up for the race.

Vishnoy, wanted to walk and finish the race, so she had even pre-arranged for a medical certificate to clear the formalities.


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Vishnoy also submitted an affidavit along with her medical certificate, which stated that no one had pressured her to be part of the race.

Furthermore, Vishnoy finished the race in 3 hours 35 minutes, well in advance of the 4 hours qualification time.


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