‘Pind Daan’ For Ikhlaq In Gaya Temple But Families In His Village Still Living In Fear

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4:47 pm 7 Oct, 2015

The Dadri incident is being used to make cow slaughter a poll issue in the upcoming elections in Bhiar. But at the same time pind daan (or prayers after the death of someone) are being performed for Mohammad Ikhlaq in the Gaya temple.

Indian Express reports that Chandan Kumar Singh, a local businessman and social activist, has organised these prayers after he watched the Ikhlaq’s “painful story on television”.

He said it was shocking to learn how he was murdered by people who were his neighbours over a rumour that he had eaten and stored beef in his home.

“I have no doubt that most of the people in our society will not condone such a heinous act. This is the handiwork of a few people and it is a shame that rather than condemning this murder, there are people who are using it for political goals.”

Singh said that his late father was the one who started this practice of performing pind daan for people he didn’t know, including those from other communities who died a natural or accidental death.


Chandan Kumar Singh performing 'pind daan' for Ikhlaq. Express Photo

Chandan Kumar Singh performing ‘pind daan’ for Ikhlaq. Express Photo

He said that after learning about Ikhlaq’s murder, Singh approached Swami Raghvacharyaji maharaj of the Gaya temple and he agreed to hold the ceremony.

Raghvacharyaji told Singh that such an act would send a good message to the society.

A well-known priest of the Vishnupad temple, Raghvacharyaji heads the Ramanuj Math. The saint added that those people who have killed Akhlaq have done a heinous crime.

“This is not the teaching of our religion. This is against manavta (humanity).”

While they are performing a holy act for Ikhlaq, Muslims in his village continue to live in fear.

Hakim Khan, a resident of the village for generations, has to take one of  toughest decisions of his life. His two daughters are getting married on October 11.

He is in a dilemma whether to shift the venue of the wedding, which the family of bridegrooms are demanding from him, or trust the elders who have assured him that they will do everything to conduct the marriage without any disturbances.


Dadri Lynching Incident


Indian Express reports, that village elders most of who are Hindus have assured Khan and families of bridegrooms that they will not allow any untoward incident to hamper the celebrations.

Accepting that village is struggling with a “bad reputation” after Ikhlaq’s death, Hariram Singh, Khan’s neighbour for nearly half a century said that they will do whatever it takes, and will make their best efforts to ensure that nearly 15 families in Bisada should live without any fear.

“We want peace in the area. We will not let some miscreants spoil our brotherhood, which has existed for years.”

Sanjeev Singh, the local pradhan, said that they will maintain communal harmony at any cost. “I appeal to all Muslims: please don’t be afraid…we will conduct the marriage peacefully,” he said


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