These Models With Luxury Goods Will Make You Re-think Your Consumerist Behaviour

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6:44 pm 10 Jun, 2015

Inequality, poverty, undernourishment are usually heard on a daily basis. But how many of us actually bother to make a difference? Well, some do. An offline campaign that was done several years ago has gone viral recently. Named ‘Small Change, Big Difference’ campaign, it highlights the struggles of the Samburu people, a nomadic tribe. Each ‘model’ posed holding a luxury good and was set against a stark and arid backdrop, reports Huffington post.

In 2007, Swedish advertising and fashion photographer Calle Stoltz partnered with creative group Saatchi & Saatchi to produce a compelling print campaign. The goal was to show how the money consumers flippantly spend on disposable items can have an immeasurable impact on people living in impoverished areas.


‘Small Change, Big Difference’ was solely a print campaign, displayed on billboards in shopping centers, and printed on coasters and cards that were distributed at bars and restaurants. But it’s now experiencing something of an online revival.


More than 250,000 members of the tribal community live in a remote area of Northern Kenya, where essentials such  as water are challenging to come by. The women are typically tasked with fetching water for their families and spend upto 12 hours a day doing so, often only to come back empty handed.

If they’re ‘lucky’ enough to find water, it’s often contaminated – which can lead to diarrhea, a leading cause of death in the community.

Cordaid, the non-profit group which initiated the campaign, said:

“Essentially, we confronted people with their consumerist behavior. The strength of the campaign lies in the fact that it almost ridicules wealth inequality, a serious issue that’s still with us today.”


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