This Pot (And A Plant) Can Charge Your Smartphone And Help You Protect Environment

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7:54 pm 27 Apr, 2016

Here is a pot with a plant in it; ordinary from outward appearances. You might find nothing unusual about it but this plant can do you great service – it can charge your smartphone.


Yes, the plant and the pot combo is capable enough to give your smartphone the charge it needs.

Developed by Barcelona-based Arkyne Technologies, the pot called Bioo Lite works like a transformer of energy received by the plant.


How this works?

All plants generate energy from photosynthesis, which in itself a transformed energy obtained from the sun. Plants also release energy they obtain from photosynthesis through the roots.

It is this energy that the uniquely designed pot captures, converts to electrical, and transmits via a USB cable to the smartphone.

The pot contains a biomass cell with a biological solution that acts as a micro-organic biological activator when it comes in touch with water.




A semi permeable grillage separates the main transformer from the soil. The makers of the pot have added bacteria to the system to help in energy transformation and keep the water clean.

All you have to do is pour water into the pot and then place the plant with the soil.

Bacteria break up the waste and some electrons are broken free which then travel with the nanowires. It then generates the current needed for charging a device.



The pot is otherwise like any other. Soil can be of any kind and you’ve to water the plant like you’d normally do. The makers have taken care that water doesn’t spill over outside the plant and damage your phone.

Also, you can go for any plant of your choosing. The Bioo Lite will work as long as there is a healthy plant in the pot.

Just don’t forget to keep the usb cable hanging out of the pot and you’re all done. The makers claim that the system can give a full charge for upto three times a day, which is more than sufficient for normal users.

The electricity generated is between 3 and 40 Watts.

Arkyne Technologies started a crowdfunding campaign in April and have already surpassed their goal. The company plans on delivery of the final Bioo Lite product by September 2016.

Bioo Lite actually raises hopes that one day we might be obtaining electricity from plants and trees on a bigger scale. That would be a huge victory for proponents of renewable energy and our planet.


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