Son Of Post Office Official Caught On Camera Taking Bribe For Aadhaar Cards

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3:55 pm 6 Aug, 2015

There is hope in this bruised country of ours. Yes, corruption is not a disease that you can treat in a day, but it is not an incurable epidemic. An incident in Deoghar district of Jharkhand – which might get ignored by our mainstream news channels – reaffirms our hope that India will be corruption-free one day.

Mukesh Rajak, a community reporter for Video Volunteers, captured on video the son of the enquiry officer of the head post office in Madhupur asking for bribes while distributing Aadhaar Cards to gullible villagers.


Kadir 1


When confronted by Mukesh, Kadir Ansari defiantly says on camera that he’ll not give Aadhaar cards without money.

The bribe money he asks for is only Rs.10. The amount may look like plain paper to those in Delhi, but to the poor people in Madhupur, it is a high amount.


Kadir 2


Mukesh then shows the video recording to officials at the local post office. They apologise for handing the responsibility of distribution of Aadhaar cards to Kadir instead of doing it themselves.




Later, Kadir apologises and returns the money he took from 24 villagers.




One man in a small village of Jharkhand has managed to score a point in the fight against corruption. Proves again (if you were still not convinced) that one man can make a difference.


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