12 Lessons Girls Learn After Breaking Up With The Wrong Guy

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5:00 pm 19 Aug, 2015

Once a girl told me that she had a strange weakness to fall for the wrong guys. It was both surprisingly shocking and interesting for me. Also, it is universally experimented and tested that most people are fascinated by the bad guys. Their satanic acts are so intriguing that our minds are attracted towards them.

Wrong guys have a peculiar quality – they take us to the imaginary fairy lands that don’t exist at all. But do such relationships last? Never. The end result is extremely depressing and painful, but what lasts is the lessons you learn after you break-up with them.

1. When you had actually broken up, all is left is your true self.

You will discover your hidden self when the devil is out of your head. Also, it is important to experience a bad relationship to protect the heart from further damage.


2. You are now sure who deserves a straight ‘No’ and who deserves to enter your heart.


3. Bad guys are interesting, but their demented behaviour is not healthy.

Ok, fine, you fell for that chiselled body but those biceps are not good enough to lift you through your tough times.


4. Freedom now runs in your every God-damn blood vessel.

The same vessels you once controlled by your fake words.


5. Thank them for unlocking your bitchy and crazy side that you had no clue about.



6. Yeah! he was amazing in bed. But just in bed.

The passionless sex was not good enough to keep your relationship steady.



7.  Next time, you will never fall for a guy so easily.

His infinite love texts and soulful morning messages filled you with true love, but it was an easy mobile recharge to fool you.


8. These larger-than-life Twilight movies are complete sh*t.

Why no one files an F.I.R against these film-makers?


9. You are now able to differentiate between infatuation and love.


10. Life is no movie, but your show is not over.

You were so inspired by “Friends-with-Benefits” concept that you followed it blindly in real life but the outcome was surprisingly different.


11. Kisses and hugs are not the only things to keep your relationship intact.

Sometimes a kiss happens out of madness and desperation, not out of love.


12. It’s time to utilise your infamous experience wisely.

You keep updating your besties with your relationship advices so that they don’t fall into the same trap.


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