Journalist Pooja Tiwari’s Death: Police Officer Amit Arrested; Hands Over Suicide Note

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4:30 pm 6 May, 2016

On the night of May 1,  a 28-year-old journalist Pooja Tiwari, allegedly committed suicide by jumping off from the fifth floor of a building.

Days after that, the eyewitness and a Haryana police officer, Amit Vashisht, has been arrested for abetting her suicide.

“He will be taken in police remand for questioning,” said Hanif Qureshi, Commissioner of Police, Faridabad.


Amit amarujala

Amit Vashisht

Pooja’s friends blamed Amit, who was present when the incident happened, for her death. They also claimed that police wasn’t doing investigation properly.

Amit had been shifted to the DGP’s office in Panchkula till the completion of inquiry in the case. “He has been arrested based on an audio clip in which he is heard quarrelling with Pooja about a man named ‘Banki’. Also, Pooja’s parents gave a statement on Thursday alleging that Amit had breached their trust and could have forced her to take the extreme step,” said Puran Chand, DCP (NIT), Faridabad.


Family members of Pooja Tiwari at the mortuary IndianExpress

Family members of Pooja Tiwari at the mortuary

Further, Amit has handed over a ‘suicide note’ to investigators which is reportedly written by Pooja.

The three-page note is written in Hindi using Roman script and the colour of ink changes midway, a source told Indian Express. The note said:

Dear Mom and Dad

Please forgive me. I have lost the courage to fight on. I am tired of journalism and life. You have sent me to become an honest journalist, who does  justice to the profession, who stands with the truth. I stood for truth, I fought, but I have lost against the might of money. Faridabad’s media is sold out. Nobody is responsible for what I am doing now. I don’t want anybody to trouble you after me. You are the best parents of the world and you will remain the best. I didn’t do any wrong. I conducted a sting operation. I revealed a news. But still neither the media, nor police supported me. I was not wrong. Still I was told to switch my phone off. I am not wrong, I was never wrong and I would not have been wrong ever. The responsibility of my death is on Anil Goel, Archana Goel, Saurabh Bhardwaj and all the media persons who published false news against me.


Pooja Tiwari abplive

Pooja Tiwari

Days before her death, she had exposed Dr Archana Goel, Sr. Gynaecologist running a private hospital, Dr Anil Goel, and Dr Dhawal, who allegedly provided patients with Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) kits. She was allegedly getting threat calls also.

DCP Puran Chand said Pooja’s family had given samples of her handwriting, which would be sent with the note for forensic examination.


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