Telangana Police Refutes Smriti Irani’s Claims On Rohith Vemula Suicide

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2:31 pm 26 Feb, 2016

Refuting Human Resource Development (HRD) minister Smriti Irani’s claims that no doctor was allowed to come near Rohith’s body after he had hanged himself, the Telangana Police said that there was no delay in providing medical assistance to the late Dalit scholar.

Though the police agreed that they faced tough resistance from the angry students of the Hyderabad Central university, however, there was no denial of medical examination.


Further, the report mentioned that the students only delayed the probe as they demanded the arrest of the university’s Vice-Chancellor.

However, the report is in contrast to the Telangana cops earlier claim in which they had said that an unruly mob of students had not allowed them to take Rohith’s body with them or carry out the investigation.

The revelation came amidst the controversy surrounding Irani’s statement in Lok Shabha in which she said that nobody was allowed to either revive or take Rohith’s body to hospital after he had hanged himself.

The minister said:

“…The police has reported that not one attempt was made to revive this child, not one attempt was made to take him to a doctor. Instead what was done was that his body was used as a political tool, hidden. No police was allowed till 6.30, the next morning. It is not me the Telangana police is saying this.”



Soon after that, Chief Medical Officer at the university’s health centre, M Rajshree, had said that it was not true.

Rajshree said:

“Security officials found the body and I got a call around 7:20 pm. By the time I reached the body was removed from the ceiling fan and within 10 minutes we declared him dead. I also informed the V-C immediately. He asked me whether there was any possibility of reviving Rohith. I was there till 3 am that day.”

She went on reveal that Rohith was already dead for two hours when she reached and thus, it was incorrect of Irani to claim that no doctor saw Rohith’s body till next day.


The students of Hyderabad University also released a video that showed policemen near Rohith’s body which was lying on the floor in his hostel room.


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