PMO Discloses Salaries Of Its Officials Who Work With PM Modi, Bhaskar Khulbe Highest Paid

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8:15 pm 8 Aug, 2016

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has made public what PM Narendra Modi’s officials earn under the Right to Information Act.

Prime Minister's Office  orangenews9

Prime Minister’s Office orangenews9

The disclosure reveals that the highest paid official, with a salary of Rs 2.01 lakh, is the Secretary to the Prime Minister, Bhaskar Khulbe.

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Bhaskar Khulbe timesofindia

Secretary to the Prime Minister, Bhaskar Khulbe timesofindia

Principal Secretary Nripendra Misra, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and Additional Principal Secretary PK Mishra all draw the same salary, Rs 162,500 a month, plus pension, each. All of them are retired civil servants.

Nripendra Misra livemint

Nripendra Misra livemint

Six joint secretaries in the PMO–Tarun Bajaj, Vinay Mohan Kwatra, T V Somanathan, A K Sharma, Anurag Jain and Debashree Mukherjee – earn between Rs 1.55 lakh and Rs 1.77 lakh monthly, it said.

Rajeev Topno and Sanjeev Kumar Singla, both private secretaries to the PM, get a monthly salary of Rs 1.46 lakh and Rs 1.38 lakh respectively.

The lowest salary, around 17,000, is listed against a member of what is classified as “multitasking staff” (earlier known as peons).

The PMO’s website also states that there are 80 multi-tasking staff members and 25 drivers in Modi’s office.

Sharat Chander, information officer, and J M Thakkar, public relations officer in the PMO, get a monthly remuneration of Rs 1.26 lakh and Rs 99,000, respectively.

Five other bureaucrats, including PM’s close aide Sanjay R Bhavsar, working as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in the PMO, draws monthly remuneration of around Rs 1.1 lakh, it said.

The PMO has also made public details of monthly remuneration given to Secretary to former Prime Ministers Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh.

NC Jhingta, secretary to Vajpayee, gets Rs 1.42 lakh while G Muralidhar Pillay, Singh’s Secretary, draws monthly remuneration of Rs 1 lakh (plus pension), the PMO said.



The information was posted on the website of the PM’s Office on June 1.

These “proactive disclosures” are provided by the PMO as Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to encourage a culture of proactive disclosure of information for transparency.

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