PM Modi’s 96-Year-Old Mother Stands In Queue To Exchange Money

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1:20 pm 15 Nov, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother Heeraben, who is 96, herself went to a bank in Gandhinagar to exchange some old Rs.500 notes.


Heeraben reportedly arrived at the bank in a wheelchair. She waited for her turn in the queue, and later walked inside the bank with some help.


The nonagenarian was helped with the documents by the bank staff.

Besides the fact that she herself arrived at the bank, social media users applauded that Heeraben was not accompanied by any special security cover.


Ever since Prime Minister Modi announced his historic decision of scrapping the old notes, long queues of customers formed outside the banks across India for exchanging or depositing of scrapped notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations.

The Prime Minister himself admitted that the move will cause some inconvenience to the people but was necessary to permanently end the twin menace of black money and fake currency. Indeed, the move has left those with black money on the backfoot and has ended Pakistan’s business of printing counterfeit Indian currency.

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