PM Modi Planned Army’s Surgical Strike, But Didn’t Want To Rush It Till It Was Fool-Proof

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12:10 pm 30 Sep, 2016

According to news reports, since the terrorist attack at Uri, PM Modi had been restless, so much so that he was facing many sleepless nights.

The restlessness was only further on escalated on September 28 when PM Modi reportedly didn’t even drink a glass of water till our commandos were safely back on Indian soil.


According to news reports, it was about five o’clock in the morning on September 29 when PM Modi got the confirmation on the success of Army’s surgical strikes and only then did he drink a glass of water before heading out to congratulate involved officers and jawans in the operations.

But even after that, there was no rest for PM Modi as in matter or hours he took to his regular routine and visited his office.


Officials close to Modi reveal that the strategy for September 28 operation was planned by PM Modi almost immediately after Uri attack, however, the timings and operation of the task were left to the Army.

PM Modi didn’t want to rush this operation and showed no hurry so as to have a fool-proof plan without missing the opportunity.


Every night since September 18, he used settle himself after his routine work and get the progress of the preparations late at night.

There were several nights, that instead of sleeping PM Modi had overnight discussions with the Army and NSA with regards to the operations.

But despite overnight meetings, he didn’t ever show the stress on his face or let his routine work get affected by it.

What must be noted is that this was a highly classified operation and besides PM Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, only handful of people had information about it.


These include some members of the NSA and few military officials that were involved in this operation. So it was only on September 29 morning that others in government were informed about it.

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