PM Modi Initiated A Survey On Demonetization And Twitterati Trolled Modi With Some Valid Points

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7:44 pm 24 Nov, 2016

Demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes has completely muddled up the financial state of our country. This overnight move, considered to be a game changer to alleviate black money frauds, has massively failed in its execution. Whether this initiative will bring the necessary change, only time can answer it.

Everyone has a different and divided viewpoints on his ambitious move and to know them, PM Modi did an insightful survey on Twitter.

Many people, mostly smartphone users, used this App and voted. Modiji shared the result of the poll with a throughout analysis:

The results were out and 90% people came in support of demonetization. But for many, it seems an illogical and a very impractical poll. Twitterati, too, criticized the poll with some valid points and pointed out some major loopholes

1. Less than 18% of Indians use smartphones.

2. Not many people know about his app:

3. Major flaw: Why no “Disagree” option:

4. Even the marketing researchers call his poll flawed:


Some people thought that poll was a very planned out strategy and a win-win situation for Modi. They compared Modi’s poll with these memes:





So guys, do you feel the poll was just another BJP strategy to blanket the effects of note ban?

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