Pigeons Stuffed In Rockets And Fired To Welcome Andhra Pradesh’s Congress Chief

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1:50 pm 5 Oct, 2015

In a shocking welcome for Andhra Pradesh’s Congress chief, N Raghuveera Reddy, party members stuffed pigeons into rocket firecrackers and launched them on his arrival.

In the video that surfaced, the pigeons were seen being stuffed into paper cones and sealed tight. The rocket was then lit.

The idea was that the cracker would burst high in the sky and the pigeons would fly free.

But due to intense heat produced by the cracker, two pigeons fell dead while the rest had their wings and claws scorched.


The incident has brought upon the warth of animal rights activists with an NGO, People For Animals, filing a complaint with the police. An FIR was lodged against the state Congress unit citing cruelty to animals.

Cruelty to animals is punishable with imprisonment and fine under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

However, Reddy, who went to organise a protest demanding special status for Andhra, said, “I thought there were fireworks. We will ensure such violations do not recur.”


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