‘Pichhla (Slippery) Bhoot’ Gropes And Harasses Women In Alipurduar, West Bengal

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7:02 pm 27 Jun, 2016

As dusk starts to settle over the villages in Samuktala, Alipurduar district in West Bengal, uneasiness spreads over the inhabitants, especially the women and children. These villages are currently living in fear of the ‘pichhla bhoot’ aka the slippery ghost.

Last Saturday, Anima Devi had gone out of her house at around 11 PM. As she described it, out of nowhere a pitch dark shadow grabbed her. She yelled and tried to get away and the ‘bhoot’ ran off.

Anima Devi said, “It was so slippery, I couldn’t catch it. Before the neighbors could reach, it vanished.” The next day, a 17-year-old girl was walking back to her home in the evening when the ghost tried to pull her into the woods. Once again, as people tried to catch it, the ghost slipped away.


The ‘pichhla bhoot’ sounds less like a ghost and more like a horny human when one focuses on the fact that the only reason this ‘ghost’ manages to slip away is because he’s covered in something oily.

Since the ‘ghost’ appears like a dark, oily figure but can be touched and seen by everyone, an NGO –Rizwaan – has taken to trying to spread awareness about the reality of the situation. Unfortunately, most villagers still believe that the culprit is from the spirit realm.

There have been over 5 incidents of harassment and the police is looking into the matter. The villagers meanwhile are consulting tantriks to save them from the bhoot.




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