15 Photos That Were Taken Right Before Something Bad Happened To Them

10:00 am 3 Dec, 2017

Life is so uncertain. We never know what will happen tomorrow or next hour. Everyone is but living at the mercy of ‘unknown’ fate and destiny, everyday, which we all can do nothing about it except to humbly bow down before it.

Below are some of the pictures that represent the moment between life and death. They were captured right before something bad happened to them. Take a look and let’s remember them in our hearts and prayers.

1. Last photo of the Titanic before sinking.


Lat photo


2. Twin towers in New York before the terror attacks.

It was captured by Even Kuz on September 10, 2001, just less than 24 hours before they fell down.

 Last photo


3. The photo of people just before the tsunami in 2004.

On December 26, 2004, Southeast Asia was struck with a tsunami, which killed around 2,30,000 people. The photo below is taken just before the disaster.


Last photo


4. Actor Paul Walker’s last photo, moments before his crash in November 2013.


Last photo


5. Selfie photo of a group of engineering students before they were drowned.

In 2014, 25 engineering students drowned after the nearby Larji hydroelectric project in Himachal Pradesh released a large amount of water upstream. The pic was taken just moments before.


Last photo


6. Russian Andrey Retrovsky fell from the building to his death, all for a perfect Instagram post.


Last photo


7. Robert Overacker’s fall over Niagara Falls

Robert Overacker was trying to raise awareness for the homeless. His plan was to jet-ski over Niagara Falls and parachute down. Unfortunately, the parachute didn’t open and he ended up falling to his death over the falls.


Last photo


8. Ayano Tokumasa’s fall at Niagara Falls

The Japanese student, the one standing tall wearing red in the background, slipped and fell into Niagara Falls to her death.


Last photo


9. Three friends crashed by train while taking selfie.

They were so preoccupied to take selfie that they did not hear the train blowing horn and unfortunately they were all killed.


Last photo


10. The boy doing a back flip and after landing, he unfortunately slipped and fell to his death.


Last photo


11. The 18-year-old girl accidentally touched the live wire while taking a selfie on top of the train.

A 27,000 volts ran through her body resulting in burns and finally death.


Last photo


12. Karl Wallenda’s photo shortly before his fall from 121 feet.

The circus legend did most of his routines without any safety.


Last photo


13. Nurse who catches Ebola and died in 1976.

Two nurses standing in front of an Ebola patient at a hospital. The nurse named Mating N’Seta (left) contracted the virus and ended up dying.


Last photo


14. 14-year-old Keith Saps Ford hiding in the wheel well of a flight headed to Japan from Sydney in 1970.

An amateur photographer took this photo while he was testing his camera.


Last photo


15. The man went to zoo in Delhi where he slipped and fell into the cage of a tiger.

He was dragged by his neck to tiger’s den and killed.


Last photo


It is so sad that some tragedies were self induced.

Source: Quora

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