22 Photos Of Pollution That Will Break Your Heart

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2:00 am 30 May, 2015

Pollution is the most dangerous enemy of the world. It is not only cutting short the life of the planet but also ending the lives of millions of species in it. That includes you.

1. Lost his home after deforestation and don’t know where to go.


2. Hopelessly entangled with plastic bags making them unable to fly.


3. When she was small, she got the ring stuck on her shell and couldn’t get it off.


4. This is what happens to birds during an oil spill.


5. This turtle grew around a plastic ring.


6. Indonesian surf champion Dede Suryana rides a wave filled with trash on Untung Jawa Island.


7. Seal’s nose trapped in a plastic waste.


8. Albatross dies from eating man-made plastic, 1200 miles from civilization.


9. Landscape full of trash in Bangladesh.


10. Seal not safe in its own habitat.


11. This boy spends his morning picking trash on shore in Manila for earnings.


12. Unused oil wells in California (USA).


13. Oiled penguins.


 14. Fake skyline for tourists to take pictures.


15. Oil spill effect on a bird.


16. Massive quantity of e-waste in Ghana.


17. A mute swan builds a nest using plastic garbage.


18. Boy swimming in polluted water, in India.


19. Raccoon with fishing lure caught in lip.


20. Dry river in northern Bali. When rain comes all these plastics washes out to sea.


21. A child drinks from polluted stream in Fuyuan county, Yunnan province.


22. A man walks by a pipe discharging waste water into the Yangtze River from a paper mill in Anqing, Anhui province.


I hope after seeing these heartbreaking pictures you will make a conscious effort to decrease the amount of trash you produce.


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