8 Pets Who Lead A Far Better Lifestyle Than Most Of Us

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9:00 pm 3 Feb, 2015

Humans have an upper hand over animals. I really doubt that statement, as we, despite our intelligence and agility fall behind some animals whose living standards might make us envy them.

We bring to you a list of such pets who would prefer human company and shelter than trying survival tactics.

(P.S – If you are the one with a pet, please ensure that your pet has a luxurious lifestyle. In other words, treat your pet as your family)

8. Bark Bark, My Life Rocks

Barring few unlucky stray dogs, dogs live a pretty lavish life. Grooming centres and special dog foods have been launched as a result of this trend.

7. I Have More Than 9 Lives

Sitting leisurely near fireplace, this effortless animal puts even less effort as a pet with unstoppable supply of milk. Slurp!

6. Say Cheese

No, really! Rats are often a preferred pet especially white rats and no wonder it is convenient for them when they don’t have to gnaw around to fetch food.

5. I Am Bunny, Come Fill My Tummy

The most adorable pet to have is Rabbit. Instead of struggling in jungle for survival, they feel more comfortable to live cosily under the roof of the humans.

4. I Wish For A Fish

The delicate fishes, more prone to falling prey to savage fishes, safely swim their way as pets. If only their tanks were more spacious.

3. I Copy You

Barring few birds who should be left on their own, parrots are the most adaptable birds as pets. Given the freedom to fly, they very much enjoy the comfort offered and even entertain you in return.

2. Cluck Cluck My Luck

Hens would feel more safe if not targeted as food. As pets they conveniently eat without the fear of being served.

1. I Ham Hamster

Belonging to the rodent family, they adapt quickly in the cage with a wheel and what a joy ride it is for them.

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