Police Says Personal Enmity Might Have Led To NIA Officer Tanzil Ahmad’s Killing

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7:39 pm 12 Apr, 2016

Domestic dispute might have to do with the sensational killing of NIA officer Tanzil Ahmad, the police said on Tuesday.

The police in Bareilly arrested two persons, Reyan and Jainul, for the crime. They said that the main accused, Munir, is still absconding.


Uttar Pradesh police officers with the two accused in Tanzil Ahmad's killing.

Uttar Pradesh police officers with the two accused in Tanzil Ahmad’s killing.

Vijay Meena, Inspector General, Bareilly said that it was Munir who had fired at Ahmad.

“During interrogation, it was revealed that Reyaan had sought help from Tanzil Ahmad in a case. But the officer denied help which made Reyan furious,” the IG told mediapersons.

Both the accused have stated that they did not have anything personal with Ahmad but helped Munir out of friendship.

Reyan is the nephew of Ahmad’s brother-in-law. The police said that the killing was a result of a dispute over a property deal.


The funeral of Tanzil Ahmad.

The funeral of Tanzil Ahmad.

Ahmad was killed by two motorcycle-borne assailants, who followed him when he was returning from a wedding on the night of April 3. He was shot at 21 times. A terror angle in his killing had been ruled out.

The attack left his wife injured but his children escaped unhurt.

Ahmad was a part of the NIA team investigating the Pathankot terror attack. He was also probing cases related to the Indian Mujahideen.

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