14 Perks Of Dating The Eldest Born Son In A Family

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10:00 am 25 Dec, 2015

Did you know that most firstborns in a family get the best of features from the parents? Multiple researches have confirmed that if you date such a man or woman, you are in for a treat. As they make great dating partners, and in all probability excellent spouses too.

Once you read their qualities, you will be more than determined to date one. We must mention that the eldest born have a long list of attractive traits:


1. These men are very stable; being the eldest, they already have a great sense of responsibility.

They have known love from day one, so there is every chance that they will treat you right. These babies get all the right attention and care and, hence, have a lot to give.


2. Not just responsible, they will be chivalrous too! They will never forget to pick you up or tip the steward; and they will never forget an anniversary.

They like to share their joy with those around them, always.


3. Which woman will mind a man who knows exactly what he wants?

These men and women set the bar for themselves at a very young age and keep working towards it. He will motivate himself and you too.


4. They like to plan and execute to perfection; don’t be surprised if he chooses to plan the wedding single-handedly.

It is very rare for an organized person to disappoint you.


5. You can call them mini-parents who protect you from every harm.

He will make you walk on the side opposite to incoming traffic, and be there for you, come what may.


6. They have seen it all, understood it all, and moved on.

Their siblings look up to them for support, and they know that when big brother is watching, they will be fine. In the same way, you just have to give them one look, and they will know how to fix things.


7. They came first, and no matter how many more come – they will always remain the first.

Their self-esteem is super impressive. They don’t need to face the issues which a second born or the last born has to face. Since he feels good about himself, he will ensure you do too.


8. The fact of the matter is that these men have great IQs and they sure know how to use that.

These men and women always lead their pack of siblings where it comes to education and professions.


9. Get ready to go places, and be driven to succeed.

When you date the eldest born, his zeal for success is sure to rub off on you. A partner who motivates you to achieve your dreams – what more can you ask for?


10. If you want to play in big moolah, don’t let go of him.

Multiple researches have proven that some of the highest paid employees in any organization are first born.


11. He will be game for doing household chores and other simple tasks.

The eldest in the house are generally given a lot of duties by the parents, they are used to helping out. No big deal.


12. You will be super impressed when you hear the names of super successful firstborns – Barack Obama, Kate Middleton, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, and Harrison Ford, to name a few.

And now you happen to be dating one.


13. Since he got a head start, he is most likely to succeed. Be it love, work or life!

In most cases, a firstborn gets way more quality time from his parents, than the other siblings.


14. You just might be dating the next Prime Minister, President or CEO of Apple.

Just kidding! But, 28 out of 44 US Presidents have been the eldest in the family.


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