15 Perks Of Being A Man In Indian Society

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10:00 am 2 Dec, 2015

While feminism and women empowerment is on a rise in India, there are some exclusive perks that only men get to enjoy in this society. It would take a lot of time for women to be able to relish all of the pointers below. Until then, men have it all!


1. Nature’s call is inevitable. Being a man in India, you need not search for a toilet and hold your bladder till bursting point.

Peeing in public, though uncivilized, is an advantage for guys.


2. Rugged looks are so in. Men in India aren’t masculine until and unless they have a mustache hanging over their lips.

If you’ve got a beard, that’s even manlier. Facial hair, you’re most welcome!


3. If you are from the male gender residing in India, you need not worry about how dark it might get in the evening before you reach home.

It’s safe for men to be out of the house for as long as they want to.


4. Looking perfect is not a guy’s thing and when in India, you can choose to not really worry about what the rest of the 120 crore people think about your looks.

If you go out for the movies, no one would notice that you are wearing the same clothes in which you woke up this morning.


5. At a liquor shop, no one looks at you like you are an alien entering an unknown territory.

It is normal for a guy to be around that area.


6. In India, if a guy goes out with several girls, he’s a ‘dude’.

There are no questions whatsoever about his character. No one would call him a whore.


7. Getting married is an informal compulsion in India. However, for men in India, age is not a major criterion to get married.

They can get married even after 40 and there will be no gossip flying over the town.


8. Talking and thinking about sex is completely normal for a guy in India.

It rather depicts a guy’s maturity in the physical sense. No one would go “Haww” if you talk about sex all the time.


9. You don’t get scolded or pointed out as ill-mannered when you abuse someone.

Men abusing after every two words is quite common in India.


10. As a guy, there is no restriction on what type of friends you make. You need not worry about the wrong company you might be keeping.

Men can have innumerable female friends without a single query from anyone.


11. India gets really hot during summers. When girls seem to look around for some cool clothing, men walk shirtless.

You can roam around the market place wearing only a pair of boxers and it won’t grab eyes from all over.


12. Men in India are supposedly good with all the technical stuff. You don’t need a serviceman to repair any faulty machinery that you have at home.

From fixing a flat tyre to repairing a washing machine, men can do it all by themselves.


13. Guys can start staying alone in a 1 bhk flat at the age of 18.

India seems to be safer for guys whereas girls need to have a roommate throughout their lives.


14. It has been scientifically proven that men get a little less tipsy after consuming alcohol than women.

The only reason men are able to take care of the ladies after a party is their capacity to handle the after-effects of alcohol.


15. Being a man in an Indian society, you can travel all alone and go places without any restrictions.

You are free to make strangers your friends along the way and no one would make a fuss about it.


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